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Tazz: Cover in Chocolate!
The Smackdown Brand extension does not exactly have a championship division for the women, "so what does the WWE do with the women on Smackdown," you ask? Simply make them eye-candy for the audience. And who better to get right in the middle of it all than Tazz?

Every celebrated anual such as Easter, or Thanksgiving, or Halloween in this case, Smackdown hosts an appropriately-themed swim suit contest usually between Torri Wilson and some random opponent. This time it was Dawn Marie, and she bared more than it should take to win. Before we could see that, though, we would see Tazz attempt to encourage Torrie to show Funaki how Halloween was really celebrated. In the end, Tazz was pushed into the tub of apples, covered in chocolate from head to toe. Later in the show Tazz gave his boradcast partner a big-chocolate hug, making sure that he didn't miss any of the fun!


Tazz Article from RAW Magazine - Available on The Tazzmissionist
Last update I reported that RAW Magazine did an article on Tazz in the November edition. If you havn't read the article by now, then I have it available for all you die-hard Tazz fans that like to stay posted on their favorite Thug-Commentator. Click on the links for the pages of the entire article. Pictures from this article can be found in the WWE and Cut-Outs pictures section.

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Tazz Tunes for your Cell Phone
Ringtones-Direct is, and has been allowing you to purchase a Tazz ring tone for some time now. The fee is small and well worth it is you're a Tazz fan with a cell phone.

[Tazz on Confidential][November 1st, 2003]

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