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[Underdogs vs. APA vs. Chuck & Billy in three way dance][Feb. 6th, 2002]

A preview shot of Tazz and Spike walking out to the ring aired just before RAW went to a commercial. While the shot was being taken, JR informed the viewer that a three way dance for the tag titles would take place when the show came back from commercial break. Tazz and Spike, aka The Underdogs, were last to enter the ring for this three way dance which included them vs. The APA vs. Chuck & Billy, aka The Ambiguously Gay Duo. In this match, anyone could tag in anyone and as far as I was concerned, The Underdogs were not going to lose this match. Oh, and while when Tazz and Spike came out to Tazz's "Thug Superstar", I was able to catch some more lyrics. I heard phrases such as "So you wanna live hard", something about Brooklyn, being choked out by the Tazzmission, and becoming just another victim. Hey, people, lets cross our fingers that The Tazzmissionist can find this theme soon, atleast before WWF The Music Volumn: 6!

Tazz and Chuck kicked off this match. Tazz and Chuck circled the ring for a moment. When Tazz went to tie up with Chuck, Chuck launched a boot to Tazz's gut and proceeded to throw right hands to the face of Tazz. Once Chuck backed up Tazz into the ropes he whipped him to the other side of the ring, or atleast he tried. Tazz reversed and ducked down when Chuck came off the ropes. Chuck leap frogged over the 5'7" Tazz and celebrated a little early as he gave the thumbs up to his partner Billy. Billy pointed at a readied, lying in wait. Once Chuck turned to face Tazz, he caught a devastating Tazzline to the throat. Afterwards, Tazz returned to his feet and tagged in his partner Spike, although he didn't have to. Before Tazz left the inner ring, he suplexed Chuck in position for Spike to land on him with a double foot stomp from the top rope. From there, Spike attempted an unsuccessful Dudley Dog. From there he was punished by the Ambiguously Gay Duo as Chuck and Billy tagged each other in and out of the match, taking turns on the little Spike Dudley. Later on, Spike was able to tag Bradshaw of the APA. Bradshaw came in and cleared house followed by his partner, Faarooq, who at the time wasn't the legal man. Chuck & Billy and the APA went at it for awhile until Billy was able to defeat Bradshaw with the FameAsser. Once the APA was eliminated from the match, Spike ran in to take the place of the legal man. Billy caught Spike out of the corner of his eye and with a kick to the stomach, he set up Spike for the FameAsser. When Billy ran to the ropes, a defeated and sore Bradshaw yanked Billy's leg out from underneath him. Spike picked up a fallen Billy and for a second, more successful time, went for the Dudley Dog. Spike covered Billy and secured the victory for The Underdogs.

A fued between The Ambiguously Gay Duo and The Underdogs could quite possibly be entertaining. But don't look forward to seeing any type of fued progress on Smackdown. It has already been reported that Tazz will not appear on this week's Smackdown. Watch HeAT for Tazz's next appearance. And also on HeAT will be Tazz's partner, Spike Dudley.


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