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Tazz: Triple Feature in WWE September Edition Magazine
In what is an easily liked magazine by Tazz fans due to the monthly installment of Tales From the Hook, two more features of everyone's favorite Thug-Commentator made September's issue a lot more likeable. Inside the magazine that features Lita on the cover, the first Tazz article you will notice is located on page nine and is entitled "Tazz in Trouble with The Boss." I don't want to ruin a good read, but I will tell you that it covers the storyline that took place between Sable and Tazz and how it didn't go over so well with Vince.

The second feature you will notice in this magazine, if you read it from front cover to back cover, is Tazz inside an article written by Anthony Cali about the FBI called "The Brains behind the Brawn." The bases of the article is that there could be someone in the WWE that's putting out hits for the FBI to carry out, and out of 10 people, Tazz was ranked number four! Anthony Cali gave a very detail explanation of why it's possible Tazz could be the leader of the Full Blooded Italians. For now, I can say no more.

Last was Tazz's usual "Tales From The Hook." This month's was different as he did a "hit and miss" article on professional sports broadcasters. Some were from football, others from baseball and boxing. If you're a sports fan, you'll love TFTH this month. Good stuff from Tazz, as always.

The Great Taz(z) Seller
On ebay: One seller has made herself popular among wrestling fan-eBayers, especially Tazz Fanz. Her name is "leenie426," and she's selling all of the most rarest and high quality ECW Taz products out there. At this time, there is currently one Taz item listed by leenie, to my knowledge anyway, which can be found at this address: . Leenie's unique actions are also noted to sell ECW "Staff Only" event passes with all or most of her items.

[Tazz: Triple Feature in WWE September Edition Magazine][September 2003]

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