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[This Week in Tazz!][Mar. 9th, 2002]  
Tazz was on Excess for the third time on last Sunday and this is the second time I've missed him. I'm very mad because I hear that this was the highest rated Excess ever. That's okay though because I'm on top of things and the next time Tazz is on Excess, I'll be there watching it.

When Tazz joins the show, here declares that MTV stands for More Tazz Victims. He wants plug Cypress Hill who just recently wrote a his theme music called "Just Another Victim", which will be on the new WWF CD comming out in late March. Also, it's very obvious that Coach is sporting Tazz's trendy new shirt with "Thug Supastar" on the front and "Survive if I let you" on the back (You can find the shirt by clicking the flash that says "Get your Tazz Gear here" at the top below the newz logo). Tazz mentioned that Tough Enough 2 is underway. He stated that he wanted to slug Dan that made it to the top 25, just so Tazz could verbally assult him. This is went they cut to highlight from the show. When the show comes back Tazz says it’s not uncommon to have one of the guys end up in an ambulance while training in those conditions. Terri ignores the comment by asking if there’s any hot guys on the show. Tazz comments that Jake, whose haircut is even more unusual than Tazz's, calls himself "Chisseled." The show takes a commercial break. When the show comes back from break, Coach is informed that not only is HeAT Tazz's show, but that Excess is now Tazz’s show. Terri starts to plug "WWF Divas: Sex on the Beach" which already aired on Wednesday night. Tazz comments by saying “What a shock, divas half naked. There’s a lot of hot divas out there in the WWF. Stacy, Torrie, Jackie, you, you’re a diva right? There’s a lot. Michael Cole!” (Big laugh) Terri questions Tazz on his favorite Diva. Tazz responds with: “Mae Young. I like the wrinkly cellulite deal going on. Slap it around, like that!” Tazz then recalls RAW when Trish almost came out of her bra. He says "Trish the ultimate hot tomato. She showed some guts by taking it to Jazz." Tazz starts checking out the Excess studio and wants the 36 inch flat TV that focuses behind the hosts for his den. He’s downing coffee and says guzzling it is good for the esophagus.

A little bit later in the show, Tazz finally takes off his knit cap and requests the camera man to zoom in on a giant pimple on his forehead (picture on the side, click to view the enlarged version). He tells Terri and Coach that he's growing a second head! After showing the "Lugz: Boot of the week" which contains footage of Stephanie McMahon, Tazz comments that he knows Stephanie very well and says that you don’t want to be on her bad side. Tazz continues on his stories about a car in half is a normal day in the Hook. As a young boy, Tazz had a spare tire, an X-jack, and a crowbar for toys. The show continues with talks of WWF Superstars on The Weakest Link for the second time. Terri knows who wins at the end of the show, but won't reveal the winner to Tazz, who wants to bet on the show. Tazz does a little flashback to when Booker T, who was on the first weakest link, answered Thanksgiving to the question "What day do we all celebrate the founding of America." Tazz gets a little bored and tries to pop his pimple on Terri. At this point, they try to get Tazz off the show. When the show comes back from a clip of the next WWF Tough Enough Tazz is still on the set. This time Tazz is making a paper airplane. When the show comes back from another clip, Coach and Terri try to get rid of Tazz for a second time. Later, Tazz refuses to leave when he walks back onto the set to get his coffee. While the show continues, Tazz brings the humor by continuing to walk around the set. My favorite segment - From The Vault - is next and it's Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kurt Angle from WrestleMania 16. But before From The Vault takes place, Tazz again walks onto the set with an action figure of Goldust for Terri. The last time we saw on Excess was when Tazz was still walking around on his cell phone. (Credit to for my sources)
Tazz did another excellant job of entertaining Tazz fans and HeAT fans alike to those who watched that night. Instead of Tazz's partner in crime, Micheal Coleslaw, The Coach was back for a second week, but this time it was Tazz who was wearing the Thug Supastar shirt. This time without a leather coat, so it was visable (see pictures to the side and be sure to click to enlarge). The show went well.
Next time to see Tazz

Tazz will be hosting the "pre-game show" of WrestleMania along side Micheal Coleslaw on Tazz's show HeAT from the Toronto Sky Dome in Canada. It is unknown at this point as to whether or not Tazz will wrestle at WrestleMania, but maybe you should order the event anyway just to make sure. If anything suddenly comes up, The Tazzmissionist will let you know. It will be posted on the site and sent out through and emergency Tazzmissionist Newzletter. Check back often for updates.



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