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[This Week in Tazz!][Mar. 9th, 2002]

Well lets kick off this week in reverse with what little Tazz action we had. On RAW, Tazz interrupted Goldust during an interview and brought Jaci with him. Seeing how Goldust was the newest Hardcore champion and won the belt off of Maven utilizing the 24/7 rule, it was obvious that Tazz was comming to regain the title for a fourth run. And speaking of run, Tazz ran into the ring and ducked a clothesline from "the bizzar one" and threw three right hands until Goldust was backed into the ropes. Tazz then whiped Goldust who reversed Tazz's whip and went for a clothesline but again was ducked and turned into a tight-waste tazzplex. Goldust's momentum sent him rolling under the bottom rope and around the ring. Goldust started searching for some type of hardcore wepon while Tazz was already on his heels. Goldust grabbed a fire extinguisher and rammed it into the gut of the "one man crime spree", then dropped it, gave Tazz a mighty uppercut, and rolled him into the ring. It looked like a blown spot to me. I'm talking about when Goldust took the fire extinguisher and hit Tazz with it. Usually when one wrestler grabs the extinguisher and the other walks up unexpectedly grabbing his opponent's head, the one grabbing the opponents head usually gets the contents of the extinguisher. Tazz may have come over too fast, or maybe Goldust just couldn't find it and set it up in time. Who knows? Back to the action. Goldust climbs into the ring and lays another massive right open hand into Tazz's jaw. Goldust whips Tazz into the ropes and when Tazz comes back he catches a flying butt to the face. Goldust slowly walks over to Tazz as he makes it to his feet. Goldust throws a closed right hand, then two open hand uppercuts. He backs Tazz into the ropes and feels up his chest while sucking in air. As he does this, Tazz stands and swings his right foot into "golden globes" of Goldust. From off the ropes, Tazz tazzlines Goldust and picks him up and puts him into the corner. One, two, three kicks to the stomach. Tazz whips Goldust, but Goldust reverses and whips Tazz into the opposing corner and follows up with a clothesline. Goldust then takes both of Tazz's legs and puts them over the middle ropes as if he were setting up for Shattered Dreams. He throws two punches for good measure. He then leaves for the outside of the ring. Goldust throws in a trash can along with a trash can lid. When he comes back into the ring Goldust follows through with a Shattered Dreams and Tazz falls right out of his position afterwards. Tazz is holding his lower extremities as Goldust dissappears into the other side of the ring. Goldust comes running from out of nowhere and gets a boot to his stomach from Tazz. He comes around the second time and gets another boot. The third time he comes at Tazz with a trash can and the can gets kicked back into his face. As Goldust gets up from off the ground he grabs a trash can lid and goes after Tazz who is comming out of the corner. Goldust swing and misses. When Goldust's back is turned, Tazz latches of the Tazzmission! Goldust drops to his knees and it appears as if Goldust may drop out. Goldust is still holding the trash can lid, though, and used it twice to break the Tazzmission. Goldust fell backwards on a knocked out Tazz and won the match with a three count. Hey, atleast he didn't break the Tazzmission by hitting Tazz in the nuts...

Tazz did another great job commentating on HeAT. Micheal and Tazz now commentate ringside rather than at WWF New York because it was becomming too costly for the WWF to keep paying for the people to set up the show. Hey, no biggie! Tazz here, Tazz there, I will take my Tazz commentary anywhere!

And on Thursday the WWF premiered Tough Enough 2 on MTV which didn't include Tazz this year. Even though this was the case, Tazz still made an appearance fourty-four minutes into the show. When he showed up they played a video collage of some of his matches and a few 13 logos thrown in. Earlier in the show there was a contestant named Dan who said in the tape he sent in that "he was counting down the days until he could get into Tazz's face" and he wanted Tazz to "interest him." Then, when Dan auditioned in front of Hardcore Holly, John "Big" Gaburick, Chavo Guerrero, Jr, Al Snow, and Ivory, he told them that he didn't like Tazz because he was short. I don't know either, go figure... Anyway, like I said, Tazz made an appearance and when he did it was out in the dessert with 25 possible contestants. The first Tazz stepped to was Dan. He told him that his best bet was to shutup. Then he told Dan that he wasn't shit. He stepped back and told the 25 people that they are always being evaluated even when they didn't know it. And today, they were going to be evaluated by Tazz on a 3 miles run. As they get higher and higher it'll get tougher and tougher. And Tazz was going to be riding on a truck the whole way up. At the one and a half mile mark, Tazz stopped the 25 and told them that they would wear a back pack that was 15% their bodyweight. Tazz asked for Dan, then threw the pack into Dan's chest. On the way up Tazz offered Dan a chance to apologize for the things he said. Tazz told him to "DO IT!" and Dan did so. Later in the show, Tazz was apart of the redecision making process that decided who would make the show. Tazz then announced the 13 winners and that was it for Tazz. Maybe later in the season Tazz will be invited to Trax just like last year when wrestlers were invited to work with and speak to the contestants.

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