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[This Week in Tazz!!!][Jan. 21, 2002]

Man.. Is this edition of the newz late or what?! I mean, it's so late that I have to sum it all up in one section called "This Week In Tazz." But that's not the only thing. I was planning on doing this week in Tazz last week. Well, schedule cauht up with me again and this week in Tazz has turned into Last Week in Tazz along with what happened this week. Anyway, here we go. . .

It all started on Smackdown when Tazz and Spike were set to defend their newly found gold against the Canadian Duo, Christian and Lance Storm. The match kicked out with somewhat of an untraditional approach when the champs, Spike and Tazz, entered first. As Christian and Lance came closer to the ring, they charged into the ring and a fist fight broke out. Tazz is superkicked to the outside of the ring courteous of Lance. After Spike has a couple of his own encounters with the opposing team, Tazz stands in the corner and waits to be taged nce the match is offically under way. Spike is manhandled by the two up until the point where Spike is able to run and headbutt Lance in the "lower" area. Spike makes the tag to Tazz just as Lance makes the tag to Christian. Both men enter the ring full speed. As both men looks as if they were going to clash, Tazz sends Christian soaring to the mat with dreadful clothesline. Lance Storm gets up and gets knocked back down witha right hand from Tazz. Same for Christian. Lance to his feet and then taken down by a Head and Arm Tazzplex. Christian also to his feet and then stopped by a Tight Waist Tazzplex. Tazz then rids the ring of Lance with a clothesline over the top. Then Christian does the same for Tazz wit a double ax handle to the back sends Tazz through the ropes. Spike junps into the ring and attempts the Dudley Dog, but is countered by Christian. Christian sets Spike up for the Unprettier, but Tazz arrives just in time to latch on the Tazzmission and make Christian tap for the tag champ's first successful title defense. Spike and Tazz were present with their titles and began to celebrate. But perhaps to early? The Dudleys run in from the crowd and attack the tag champs from behind. It seems as if the Dudleys are in contol until Spike bulldogs Buh-Buh Ray and Tazz Head and Arm Tazzplexes D-Von. Spike and Tazz exit the ring with their belts while the Dudleys stare them down in the ring as the Dudley's theme music plays. That was it for Smackdown. Now the only thing on the minds of Tazz fans was Tazz hosting Sunday Night Heat with his special guest, his tag partner, Spike Dudley!

The night kicked off with a couple of matches, but not without talks of Tazz and his victory over the Dudleys in the Garden and then a successful title defense on Smackdown. Later towards the middle of the show it's time for another sit down session with Tazz and Micheal Cole's special guest who just so happenes to be Tazz's partner, Spike. When Spike enters and greets Micheal and his partner, chants of EC-Dub break out! Spike sits down and Micheal congradulates him on a victory over his half brothers. Micheal said the same to Tazz and Tazz responded with talks of his ECW days and that he couldn't have been happier about who his partner was. Micheal goes on by saying to Spike that looking at the new tag champs, Spike and Tazz obviously have nothing in commen. Spime proves Micheal wrong by telling Micheal that Taz(z) was actually the guy that gave him his job in ECW and nobody knew the Dudleys better than themselves. So it would make perfect sence that they became a team. Tazz then cut in and said to Spike that "Instead of me sitting here asking you questions, I want to get your opinion. Tazz asked Spike about what he thought if they were to defend these bad boys [WWF Tag Titles] against the Dudley Boyz at the Royal Rumble. Spike agreed. The match was set, but just for humors sake, Micheal asked the tag champs what they thought about the three of them going to the clubs in NYC later that night. Spike made a crack about Micheal and his inability to pick up women. Micheal asked "What about him", referring to Tazz. Tazz said "I don't even know if my wife will let me go out!" Spike then told Tazz that if he wanted to hit the clubs, it was fine by him. The scene faded to Spike's theme and then it was time for RAW the following night.

It was a complete mystery as to what Tazz and Spike would be partaking in this event, or if they would be partaking in anything at all. All questions were answered later that night when it was said that a one on one match up would take place between Spike and Buh-Buh Ray Dudley. Long stong short: Tazz prevents interferance from D-Von and Spike pins Buh-Buh Ray with a victory roll. For those that were counting, Spike and Tazz were in the lead with a number of victories heading into the Royal Rumble which meant that it was becomming more and more likely that Spike and Tazz would drop the belts. But this wasn't the only question on the minds of Tazz fans. The other question was "What about Smackdown?!" Since Spike wrestled Buh-Buh Ray on RAW, would Tazz face D-Von on Smackdown? And why would it be Tazz vs. D-Von on Smackdown when Tazz wrestles his better matches against Buh-Buh Ray? Well this wasn't the case at all. Tazz nor Spike wrestled on Smackdown. As it turned out, Spike and Tazz suffered a viscous beating via the Dudleys in the parking lot outside the arena where Smackdown was taking place. No offense was produced by the tag team champions the whole time this was taking place. Tazz was locked in a trunk and Spike was 3-Ded on the bare concrete. Now it became very unclear as to who would win at Royal Rumble that comming Sunday.

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