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[Tazz sticks up for Maven, the loses match!][Feb. 4th, 2002]

Ok, here's the deal.. I don't know if it was just my area or if it was everwhere in the US where Smackdown is aired, but Smackdown was not aired on Thursday night due to some basketball. Man, I tell ya.. If it ain't a dog show, it's a basketball game.. Anyway, like any smart fan I turned to the secondary UPN channel and watched Smackdown there. How I found out about this. Well this sort of thing has happened before and I went to school the next day and my friends told me about it. I was pissed, yet I was happy to recieve this information just incase of the next time this happens. I went up to my room where my TV is cableless. I turned to channel 24 and caught Tazz's entrance just in time. I wanted to tape it, but the channel was "snowy" so I just watched. In any event, prepare youself for some second rate results:

Tazz entered the ring and was supposed to do a promo about sticking up for Maven, who was brutally beaten on RAW by Jericho, but the promo was edited out of the show because evidently the show ran 2 hours and 30 minutes long. Though Micheal Cole explained the situation, I still believe that the WWF should have run Tazz's promo because with out it the match lost alot of hype, which made it somewhat pointless to watch if you're not a Tazz or Jericho fan. Anyway, these former WWF partners faced off in what was thought to be a decent match. Tazz started off dominating the match as he took Jericho inside and out the ring. Tazz was even lucky enough to land a few suplexes here and there. The Jericho took control of the match. If my memory serves me correctly Jericho went for the Lionsult and missed. When he stood up, Tazz was lying in wait for the Undisputed Champion. As Jericho backed up Tazz latched on the Tazzmission. In a desperate attempt to break the hold, Jericho shoved the referee away and nailed Tazz in his thug-life testicles. Jericho then ended the match with some move I can't remember and Tazz lost the big one. The title wasn't on the line, but the fact that Tazz was able to wrestle the WWF and World Champion (aka Undisputed) is amazing. Tazz is on the rise and chances of Tazz and Spike holding on to the tag straps much longer is lessening. In my final comments, lets just hope Tazz doesn't end up joining the New World Order. The last time Tazz was apart of the "Bad Guy" team, he ended up jobbing to the likes of Billy Kidman and Maven. Check out RAW tonight for Tazz's net appearance.



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