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[Tazz puts on Perfect performance on last RAW appearance][Mar. 29th, 2002]

Before I start, I just want to say that I went into Suncoast the other day and as it turns out, ECW and Pioneer Video has a couple of new videos out. One of which I picked up, Anarchy Rulz 99'. The other, Guilty as Charged, I could care less for because it didn't feature any Taz matches. I remember seeing highlights of Anarchy Rulz on ECW on TNN. It was the match that Taz gave up the ECW Heavyweight title to Mike Awesome. During the match I noticed that the clothesline I often refer to as the "Tazzline" is actually called "The Angry Man's Clothesline." So if you ever see me describe a clothesline by Tazz in one of his matches as the TAM clothesline, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Tazz, along with Micheal Cole, hosted the preHeAT WrestleMania the hour before the extravaganza. Here on The Tazzmissionist Newz Section, we have the exclusive photos from the event. Please, click the images below to enlarge.

This past RAW, the highest rated RAW since The Rock's return to the ring in July, was Tazz's last appearance on the show. Right after the show, posted the results of the final draft for both RAW and Smackdown where Tazz was the 26th selection (technically 27th) out of 30 superstars by Vince McMahon who is incharge of running Smackdown. So Tazz fans, if you want to see Tazz, don't look for him on RAW anymore. Tazz will be wrestling on Smackdown and you can always find him on his show HeAT.

And on his last appearance he was the first match of the night. Entering the arena to his theme music "Just Another Victim" by Cypress, which is available on the new WWF CD: Forceable Entry, Tazz climbed into the ring and crossed his arms on the middle rope after throwing his trademark towel off his head. Did I mention that the towel is back? Anyway, next to enter is my second favorite wrestler and Tazz's opponent by surprise, Mr. Perfect. I was over my friends house so I wasn't able to tape. I'll try my best to call the match from my memory. Mr. Perfect started off by asking for the microphone. To acknowledge the theme of RAW that night, which was the first ever draft in the World Wrestling Federation, Mr. Perfect said that he was going to show the people an example of "The Perfect Pick." The bell rang and the two men circled the ring before they would engage in some wrestling action. As the two men grew closer, Perfect launched an elbow in the jaw of Tazz backing him into a corner. Perfect began beating down Tazz with an array of punches. Perfect attempted to whip Tazz into the ropes, but Tazz reversed and bent for a back body drop, but was counted by Perfect with a dropkick. When Tazz made it to his feet, Perfect threw a series of right hands and chops into the upper body of Tazz and once again backed "The One Man Crime Spree" into a corner. After Tazz decided he had enough abuse, he reversed the situation and threw right hands of his own into Perfect. Perfect cheap shotted Tazz with a classic eye gouge. Perfect sets Tazz against the ropes and attempts another whip, but again Tazz reverses. Perfect perfectly perfects a perfect counter cartwheel from off the ropes. Tazz is not impressed and hits Perfect with a TAM clothesline. When Perfect meets Tazz again, he catches a tight-waist tazzplex. Perfect comes back with some wreslting maneuvers and a couple a brawling techniques. Perfect sends a boot into the gut of Tazz and lands a Perfect Plex too close to the ropes. Tazz grabs the bottom rope and after a count of two, the referee sees this and breaks the count. Perfect continues to pound away onto Tazz. Tazz tries to make a comeback with punches of his own, but the Perfect Plex has made him weary. After a couple of altercations, Perfect charges at Tazz with a clothesline, but Tazz blocks it and latches on The Tazzmission! Perfect taps within seconds and Tazz secures his final victory on possibly his last RAW ever. And after the match, Tazz grabbed a microphone and said: "Hey, it seems to me that the "perfect pick" has become Just Another Victim!" Tazz fans across the nation, I'm sure, went wild. Tazz on Raw. . . It's been real!

In other NewZ, Tazz did another excellent job commentating on the March 24th episode of HeAT. He also debuted a baseball jersey from his own personal collection (lets hope not for long) with "Rocket Bustas" on the front with the trademark number 13 below it. It's an uncharacteristic grey with black trim. The letters and numbers are the regular orange and black. A good look for Tazz, or any Tazz fan! See picture below. (Photo Credit: JAV)

Heat - WM18


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