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[Tazz & Spike NEW WWF Tag Champions!!!][Jan. 9, 2002]

What does one say when something great has been achieved after a long period of waiting? Do I scream out YEAH!? Do I sit back calmly and applaud what has finally come true? Well, at the moment of victory I jumped up and down like a mad man. Twice actually. The first when The Dudleys and Tazz & Spike cut that awesome promo. There's that word again...Promo. Do people know the meaning of "promo?" Promo, people, is short for the word Promotional. And like I said, the job that those four men did to make it an excellent promo was off the meters. If I wern't a fan of Tazz, Spike, Buh-Buh Ray, or D-Von I still would have not change the channel. Not even during commercials. This promo that they did took us back to the good ol' days of ECW. Although the company wasn't mentioned the whole time, references were made and a special catch phrase was reborn. After all the trash had been talked, Buh-Buh Ray asked Tazz if he remember the quote: "Beat us if you can." Tazz responded with neither "Yes" or "No". He simply said "Survive if we let you." That was the first time I left my seat and went wild. To hear the words "Survive if we let you" out of Tazz's mouth in 2002 just had excitement written all over it. Both teams separated and prepared for the match right after commercial break.

Introducing first, the challengers, Tazz & Spike Dudley! I had a feeling that they were going to win from the moment I heard J.R. say "Later tonight, we have a rematch between Tazz & Spike and The Dudleys." Survive if we let you convinced me even more so. And most of all, that fact that Spike and Tazz entered together as a team let me know that tonight was going to be a good night. The Dudleys entered ring side next, and since it was a Hardcore match, Tazz and Spike met the Dudleys at the end of the ramp. Oh, and before I go on, I thought it was very appropiate that this certain match between the two teams was Hardcore, considering that all four men were from ECW. Anyway, Tazz met up with D-Von and Spike met up with Buh-Buh Ray. Tazz and D-Von exchanged hands. D-Von rolled Tazz into the ring and threw a couple more hands. He then whipped Tazz into the ropes and sent him to the mat with his Cyclone Forearm. He then kicked Tazz to the outside for Buh-Buh Ray to take car of. Buh-Buh Ray smashed two combined trash can lids over the head of Tazz and sent Tazz to the area of the time keeper. D-Von rolled out the ring and exchanged right hands with Tazz as Buh-Buh Ray tossed more weapons into the ring and then took care of Spike. After he sprayed Spike with the contents of the fire extinguisher, Spike rolled out the ring and Tazz rolled in. When Tazz rolled back into the ring he was kicked in the stomach and met by a large STOP sign to the back courtesy of Buh-Buh Ray. When Tazz stood up he was hit in the head yet again by trash can lids and body slammed by Buh-Buh Ray, which was the set up to the Wassup. After D-Von landed on Tazz's hopes of giving his son a sibling, he rolled out the ring. Buh-Buh Ray push his half brother and said "D-VON!" He stepped back to look at the people and then whispered to D-Von to "Get the tables." Tazz attempted to get back into the ring, but he was nailed by Buh-Buh Ray who was on the inside while D-Von was retrieving and setting up the table. As Stacey looked on, Spike ran into the ring and head butted Buh-Buh Ray in his hopes of having children at all. He then grabbed D-Von and attempted to put D-Von through the table with the Dudley Dog, but Buh-Buh Ray moved the table and D-Von hit clear mat. At this time Tazz had regained his energy and made his way back into the ring. Buh-Buh Ray caught Tazz with an elbow which sent Tazz in D-Von's direction. Spike nailed Buh-Buh Ray with the STOP sign and then dropped it on the mat, which Buh-Buh Ray landed face first on. When the camera turned back to Tazz and D-Von, Tazz had latched on the Tazzmission and was in the moment of choking out D-Von. Spike went for the Dudley Dog on Buh-Buh Ray this time. Tazz relinquished the Tazzmission and moved the table out the way as he saw that Spike wasn't going to be successful with his finishing maneuver. Buh-Buh Ray tossed Spike high in the air and sent Spike crashing to his back. Tazz then proceeded to clothesline Buh-Buh Ray so hard that it even knocked Tazz down! Tazz was in the middle of setting up the table when out of nowhere, "The Duchess of Dudleyville" Stacey Keibler climbed on the ropes and began hypnotizing Tazz with her assets. Tazz looked back and saw Buh-Buh Ray coming from behind with a clothesline. He stepped out the way, but before Buh-Buh Ray could clobber Stacey, he began to become hypnotized with his own manager. Tazz stood behind Buh-Buh Ray and the table stood behind Tazz. We all knew what was going to happen. That's right! Tight-waist Tazzplex through the table! Tazz turned Buh-Buh Ray and tazzplexed him, but the move landed a little off and the table did a horizontal flip. Tazz stood to his feet and quickly set the table up once again as we all thought he was going to attempt another tazzplex. But Spike had already gotten to Buh-Buh Ray and the second Tazz set up the table.. SNAP! Buh-Buh Ray was on the receiving end of The Dudley Dog through the table. Spike went for the cover and before D-Von could even think about stopping the count Tazz ran over to pound D-Von into the corner. In three short seconds, Tazz along with his partner Spike had become World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions! Since Tazz's contract went into effect, it has taken seven hundred and thirty seven days, including January 7th 02', for Tazz to REALLY win a title. Two plus years we, THE TAZZ FANS. have waited. And now our day came! Thank you WWF creative team. Not only was RAW the best RAW I've seen in years, but Tazz became a champion which made the best RAW the even better RAW. The second time I jumped up and down was after the three count. I know that Tazz fans are ecstatic over the victory. Just check The Tazz Union Message Boards! All I have to say is thank you WWF.. Thank you Spike for sharing this glory.. Thank you fellow Tazz fans.. And most of all: Thank you Tazz! I am officially happy!

Oh, and by the way.. I bet you all are wondering why The Tazzmissionist hadn't been updated in awhile.. Well, it's simple. I knew that deep down within me that this day would come this month and I would update until then. It's happened and The Tazzmissionist is now yours to be Updated. Oh, and out of respect for the new kick ass tag team, I will be taking down the poll and putting up another one soon.

In other Newz:

In other Newz, I was on the way home from wrestling practice when on the radio I was listening to a Carriot Top "1-800-Call-ATT" commercial. It started with Carriot Top saying "If you're a wrestling fan, raise your hand!" I raised my hand as if it were a natural born reflex. Later in the commercial Tazz's name was used. At first, I thought it was a "Rasslin" thing since Tazz is a wrestler like name, but at the end of the commercial it was said that the name Tazz and I think Rikishi are copyrights of the WWF so I knew they were talking about Tazz. I found it interestingly cool and I'm here to tell you to turn on the radios and listen for the commercial yourself!

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