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[Tall, Dark, and Handsome?]
Stacy Keibler went to confront Torri Wilson about her boyfriend, Tajiri, on the September 25th episode of RAW. Stacy told Torri that she could get any man she wanted. To be specific, she could get a tall, dark, handsome man. After Tajiri and Torri made their way to the ring, they awaited Stacy and her man's arrival. Lillian Garcia announced "and his opponent. . ." All of a sudden, the smoke began to fill the entrance way as the orange Tazz logo pulsed on the titan tron. Once the match got under way, Tazz took control at first. The match went back and forth. Towards the end, Tajiri hit Tazz with his patented spin kick to the head. It was obvious that Tajiri was going to win when out of no where Stacy puts a lip lock on him! Tori ran over and that began the cat fight. Tajiri turned around. As Tazz stood up, Tajiri went for a kick, Tazz ducked. Tazz went for a clothesline, Tajiri ducked. Tajiri went for another kick, but Tazz ducked and locked on the Tazzmission. Tazz brought Tajiri down to the mat, wrapped his legs around Tajiri's body, and Tajiri tapped out. The match would mark the end of Tazz's little losing streak. Tazz also debuted a new design on his upper ring attire that read "Brooklyn Pride" with an orange 13 design in the middle.

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