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[Nov. 1st 2003]


Tazz on Confidential
On a recent episode of WWE's late Saturday night TV show, Confidential, Tazz went "Outside The Ropes" with Josh Matthews. Outside The Ropes is a one-on-one interview segment where Matthews asks his guests 10 questions. Here are the questions and answers from the Tazz edition of Outside The Ropes:

Josh: Why Orange?
Tazz: I picked the color orange because no one else was using it, even though he hates the color.

Josh: What exactly does "The Mood is About to Change" mean?
Tazz: "The mood is about to change" meant that the mood would become somber and angry when I hit the ring. But he told interviewer Josh Mathews that the mood might change if he kept asking stupid questions.

Josh: Whose towel is better, Tazz or Kane's?
Tazz: My towel is better than Kane's.

Tazz didn't finish the entire 10, but here are some of the other things that Tazz said:
- He identified the slogans for Nike, Bounty and EA Sports, but missed Calgon, Secret and Gatorade.
- Said Kobe Bryant will be the next Michael Jordan, not the next Mike Tyson.
- Said a match between the Oompa Loompas and the Munchkins would not be a rocket buster.
- Said that Chris Benoit looks tougher without his tooth, Eddie Guerrero cooks his own meals on the road and that Funaki should team with Yankee star Matsui.
- Said last time he cried watching something was Mathews and Cat on Velocity.
- Said no offers for his Tommy Two-Time Tazmission Stuffed Teriyaki Turkey. When Mathews asked how he enjoyed training him on Tough Enough, Tazz only said that "I'm very proud of Maven."

Tazz Celebrates 39th birthday
This past October 11th, Tazz celebrated his 39th birthday. Since the updates here at The Tazzmissionist are few and far between, we would just like to wish Tazz a happy belated Birthday.

Tazz Featured in November RAW Magazine
"The Mood Has Changed: Tazz Leaves the Ring for the Broadcast Table" is a four paged article featured in the November 2003 edition of RAW Magazine. This is actually probably the third published story about why Tazz left wrestling to become a color analyst, but nevertheless it's always a good read. The article contains four, very colorful picture which you can expect to be seen here on The Tazzmissionist within the next few weeks. The magazine that contains this article is currently on newsstands everywhere. And because WWE Magazine is now becomming Smackdown Magazine, you can expect this to be the last Tazz article you will ever see inside of a RAW magazine.

Tales From The Hook (Nov. 2003, WWE Mag)
This month's edition of Tales From The Hook is all about one man: "The Japanese Buzzsaw" Tajiri. Tazz goes into detail about Tajiri's break into ECW and his rise from that point on; plus the battles that he and Tajiri had in ECW. Then he puts Tajiri over by describing his arsenal and what he is capable of doing. In my own personal opinion, the picture of Tajiri was a little large.. Less graphics and more text, please. This month's edition was pretty basic.

Every month Tazz does his top three of whatever. This month his top three comprised of College Football teams. Comming in first place is the obvious Nebraska Cornhuskers, second place was Fresno State Bulldogs, and last was the Colorado State Rams.

Last Month Tazz did pretty much a joke article about Tony Chimel entitled "The Integrity of The Chimel." It wasn't the greatest TFTH that Tazz has ever written, but anything Tazz writes is usually a good read. Tazz's top three for this month was that of his favorite Rock Bands which were Led Zeppelin, P.O.D., and Rage Against The Machine-in that order.

Just and interesting piece of Tazz Newz
Tazz was at the opening of Kustom Kulture Ink tatto and art gallery last Friday evening at 8:00pm EST, in Baldwin, New York.-
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