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The Most Recent Tazz Newz

[Tazz gets the Taker's respect!][Nov. 29, 2001]
[Tazz almost chokes out Big Show][Nov. 24, 2001]
[Tazz at the Survivor Series, then Raw the next night][Nov. 20, 2001]
[Is Tazz WWF Bound?][Nov. 17, 2001]
[Tazz vs. Austin, Finaly!][Nov. 13, 2001]
[Tazz, offically a thug][Nov. 11, 2001]
[Tazz beats Briscoe. . In a wager war that is][Nov. 8, 2001]
[Part 1 - Tazz makes Spike "Just Another Victim"][Nov. 5, 2001]
[Part 2 - Tazz hosts his own scared straight][Nov. 5, 2001]

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