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[Last week of January 2002!!!][Feb. 1, 2002]

Ok, here the deal.. I had atleast a thousand lines worth of newz dating from the Rumble up to now, but I went to that stupid Trish site that's apart of The Tazz Union and I wanted to grap a quick pic to put on my affiliates page and this thing poped up about copyrights and it caused me to loose my internet connection and I lost everything else as well. So, I have lost all patiences to rewrite the newz, and believe me, I started and desided that I couldn't do it all over again even if it meant doing it for some FTW Gear. Well, maybe some FTW Gear, but you know what I mean. Anyway, leme sum up the newz for you.. Here we go:

When Tazz came out with Spike at the Rumble, it was obvious they had new theme music. Well, I recieved word that Tazz said that he knew the band Cypress Hill and that they would probably be able to do a song for Tazz. He said that it was a rap basicly and that the name of the song was called "Thug Superstar", a spinoff of one of Cypress Hill's other songs, "Rock Superstar." The song contian phrases such as "Just Another Victim" and "The Mood is About to Change." You, as well as I, can expect this to be on the next WWF CD, or atleast the next Cypress Hill CD. I don't care which one, whichever comes first.

Tazz and Spike retained the tag titles at the rumble. It was said that Tazz was working on a new suplex and during the match Tazz did something out of his ordinary. Right after Tazz did this move to Buh-Buh Ray, JR said something about a "Brooklyn Bomb." I'm not sure this had anything to do with the move, or if it was maybe a new nickname for Tazz they're trying out. Anyway, this wasn't the big part of the match. During the match Tazz did something that I thought was long gone. Yes, it is my favorite Tazz move. THE BROOKLYN BOOT! When Tazz did this,
I was so happy. The move sent Buh-Buh Ray across the ring! Tazz later in the match choked out D-Von Dudley with the Tazzmission to prove that "The Underdogs" are still top dogs in the tag team division.

The next night on RAW, Tazz teamed with his partner Spike and Rob Van Dam to take on The Dudleys and Booker T. All fueds from continuing from the Royal Rumble. Tazz got beat up more than he beat up in this match. He got in a few good suplexes on Booker T and D-Von. Tazz was 3Ded in this match, but when Buh-Buh Ray came down for the 3D RVD was lying in wait on the top rope for the Five Star Frog Splash. RVD won the match for the entire team and helped Tazz out of the ring afterwards.

Tazz would later redeem himself on Smackdown as he would take care of The Zoo Crew by himself, with little help from Spike Dudley. During this match there seemed to be some miscommunication between the two, which could possibly mean a break up in the near future for The Underdogs. Anyway, it seemed as if it was just last week Tazz teamed with The Zoo Crew to take on The Dudleys and Christian. The match seemed somewhat weird and out of place, but hey, Tazz got him man that night and Tazz, along with Tazzmissionist fan got to see him wrestle! In the conclusion of the match, Tazz latched on the Tazzmission while Scotty was standing on the apron with his back facing the ring ropes. Tazz sucked Scotty into the ring and made him tap out. Shades of a year ago when Tazz was wearing dem' shiney singlets!

This is all I have for the newz for now. Once again, I'm extremely sorry and I wish that you all will forgive me. For those who found that "secret channel" and cought that episode on Smackdown, you know that Tazz wrestled The Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. More on that so try later.


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