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[July 2003]

Tazz and Sable - A Two Week Battle
A little over a month ago Tazz was the featured judge for the bikini contest between contestants, Sable and Torrie Wilson. Without the crowd's offical opinion, Tazz announced that Torrie was the winner. The very next Smackdown, Sable came out and confronted Tazz about his final decision in the contest. After Sable practically mounted Tazz from his desk position, Sable took Tazz's water bottle and poured water all over the Human Commentating Machine's head while his attention was directed towards his broadcast partner Cole. As steamed as Tazz was, he didn't retaliate against Sable.

The very next week a match occured between Nidia and Torrie Wilson. As everyone expected, Sable made her presence felt in this match-up as she all of Torrie's matches. Jamie Noble, who accompied his girlfriend Nidia to the ring, felt that he needed to exchange some words with Tazz. Noble ended up being struck leaving Nidia in the grasps of Tazz. When Tazz turned his attention towards Sable, it was already too late.. Sable had thrown a whole pitcher of water on Tazz. After this week, the Sable-Tazz confrontations had ended and the writers seemed to drop whatever storyline they were aiming towards.

Tazz Considers Neck Surgery
Ever since Kurt Angle went to repair his injured neck with a new laser surgery where the surgeon enters the front of neck to repair the damage, Tazz has also considered getting this neck surgery. However, Tazz's neck problems consist of swelling in the spine, which is different from Kurt Angle's problem.
Tazz on eBay    
Still looking for that long lost Tazz Merchandise? Look no futher than eBay. Currently on eBay you'll find the Tazz Football Jersey from early in Tazz WWE career. The original retail price was $45.00, but you can purchase the same jersey on eBay for $14.00. To find the football jersey, you must type in "WWF Tazz" at the search section of the eBay site. Another item that Tazz fans seem to be after are those sunglasses you used to see Tazz wear during his "Thuglife" gimmick run in the WWE. You can find a pair of these for about $5.00 when you type in "WWE Tazz."
The last item I'll mention here is the brand new Tazz Agression card from the new Agression Series the WWE and Fleer has released. There is only one auction featuring this card right now, but I'm sure as the series becomes more popular that the card will show up more and more. The lowest bid is 50 cents and you can find this by typing in "WWE Tazz."
This Month's WWE Magazine
Featured in the very back, as always, is Tales From The Hook. This month Tazz talked about the man who trained him, Johnny Rodz. Tazz goes into detail about starting out in pro wrestling and what type of environment he was in when he began training a Rodz's wrestling school. I don't want to ruin the article for anyone.. Stop by your local carrier and pick up a copy today..

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